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I wanted to make a thread with the intent to bring about discussion regarding the @haejin flag war. All are welcome to interject, however, I am not going to go out of my way to invite anyone but haejin. I would like this environment to remain respectful and cool-headed. Points and counterpoints are encouraged. I'll start.

Point 1: An easy one. I would like for haejin to agree with me, for the sake of his fans, that ranchorelaxo began upvoting him before berniesanders began downvoting him. This is actually verifiable fact based on historical data on the Steem blockchain.

Point 2: Haejin interacts with Ranchorelaxo and knows his identity outside of Steem. This is supported by some of haejin's past statements already.

Point 3: Flags/downvotes on Steemit are part of the Steem ecosystem and are not only acceptable, but encouraged in order to come to appropriate reward amounts. Flagging for such reasons should not result in retaliatory flags.

Let's discuss!


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Can't wait for this to become a Movie. Hope I'm in it. Don't forget to add my Peace Treaty with Haejin on 5/23/2018. Just incase if people wondered where all the Haejin Memes went.

Back in olden times, the people of the kingdom and the nearby villages agreed to withold a portion of their earnings, their crops, the flocks, and even a virgin maiden. Children all grew up being told bedtime stories by the old crone that the dragon would sleep all year long, and it would ensure the kingdom would remain at peace, so long as they paid the ransom in treasures before the end of the new year. Even the little children would make good luck toys and dolls of the dragon, to ensure their peace and prosperity.

This was the case with many kingdoms, each with their own dragon. A champion. A protector. Their Alpha and Omega. Pandora's Box.

Until one day...

A new dragon was born, and decided it would play by its own rules: to take as much as it wants. A dragon need not bother with the made up rules designed for peasants. Who could stop it? It grew, and it grew, and it grew. "You think you have seen my worst? I haven't even warmed up!" it roared.

The kingdom started to rally their bravest knights and dragonslayers. The old crone warned them of their foolishness. "The dragon is eternal! You will all be burned in its flames! It is a fools errand!" she crooned. Can things ever return to the way they were? Will the kings and knights of the realm feast on dragon for the Year's End Festival, free to enjoy forever the full potential of the fruits of their own labors, or will the dragon ravage the entire realm to a desert of ruins?


Good one @creativetruth!

Hi @moeknows,

You got a $46.5839 upvote from @fulltimegeek at the last minute before the payout. (18.44h) and this comment is to make everyone aware.

Please follow @abusereports for additional reports of potential reward pool abuse. Thank you.


And bless @fulltimegeek's heart. Abuse us anytime FT LOLOL!!