What would Haejin's Reputation Be Without RanchoRelaxo? + Python Warlock Rant + Contest! - Bets are CLOSED! Results are IN!

in abuse •  11 months ago

Is Haejin's rep overrrated? Bet your ass it is.

Would you like to know approximately by how much if he didn't have the RanchoRelaxo votes and negative account like @berniesanders were actually able to affect him? That's what I intend to figure out.

Keep in mind. I am including all rshares except @ranchorelaxo. The reputation system currently is designed so that only accounts with greater rep can bring bring yours down.

This calculation will throw that shit out the window. I know I would like to know where Haejin's rep would be if @fulltimegeek and lower rep friends's downvotes actually reduced his rep.

Let's make things even more interesting and bet on it! I will post once my script is complete. My guess-timation is 63. What do you think?

Whoever guesses the correct rep will receive SBD from this post payout? Only one entry per person. If multiple guess the same, the reward will be split. The one stipulation is 50% of the payout will be in proportion to your voting weight on this post. In other words, if you don't upvote this post but guess the correct reputation, you will receive 50% of the reward. If you upvote with 2% and guess the correct reputation, you will receive 51% and so forth.

In order to qualify, you account must be at least a month old to prevent people from trying to to game with multiple accounts.

Put your bet in the comments and have fun!

#rant #steemit #stewardsofgondor #flagawhale

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His rep is because he self votes 10 times a day consistency.

The fact you can gain rep by self-voting yourself and he has a lot of SP (mostly delegated from Rancho, so yes indirectly it is because of him) voting himself 10 times a day.

I said this months ago that his rep was going to get untouchable.

Top 10 Rep


Good points and thanks for the chart. Interesting.

For shits and grins, we'll also calculate without his self votes and include that rep calculation. In retrospect, that's what we should have been betting on.

Now, I do understand some potential cons if the rep system is modified to only depend on rshares due to attacks against the Steem users experience from outside saboteurs.

Maybe, a more conservative solution would be once we deem criteria in which an account is established as trusted that downvotes will be able to affect higher rep users as well.

Perhaps, a few metrics to consider would be diversity of incoming and outgoing votes and community interaction to name a couple.

The rep system should be revised so it will be more difficult to game. I think it's possible but that's above my pay grade. ;)


I think it should be an actual rating system like yelp, amazon, and almost everything. Any weight given to stake should be capped.


Damn. You were not kidding @themarkymark!

Calculated without self votes and was surprised at the drastic difference that made. H for Haejin. H for hype.

So, any ideas from where we can go from here. As long as he can pull a profit, he's going to keep exploiting. It's shit.


The effects from ranchos upvotes are greater than the effect from his self votes.


No, they are not, not when it comes to rep. Rancho's vote do nothing for his rep.


That isn't accurate according to the code. Bernies vote does nothing for anybody's rep, but all upvotes count as long as the voter does not have negative rep.

he got a nice upvote from dlive today EDITED: dlive redcuced his vote to 0% for him...



i would say 63.


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Clarification: Closest guess is the winner! Doesn't have to be exact. Also, not just negative account downvotes but all lesser rep down vote rshares will be calculated.

I guess 59.


Exactly 57 or maybe close

I'm gonna go on a limb and say 42.

I am going to go with 64

I would say, Rep 60

He would be right at 59 reputation

That would be kind of hard to guess, when would the flagging have started? Because just by himself, with a $30.00 vote, voting 10 times a day he could have gotten to a quite high rep, which would have then made it that much more difficult to lower it. But if he was flagged say when he was REP 60 he would have been flagged down to at least where @berniesanders is now, better said at REP=(-16).

I'd say 67. There are still a lot of people that upvote his content.

Considering every account can influence his reputation in proportion in their SP and not current reputation except that big account, I think his reputation would be around 55 with kind of interaction he does.

If you're including effects from the flag wars minus his self votes (including rancho), his rep would be negative. I'd say -14. Once you hit the 50s, downvotes from a whale like FTG would bring rep down quick.


If there was no lower limit, he would be at -36. Outlined in latest post.


Man, crazy. Where did I place?

It's like in real world...

When you will steal - apple.. lets say 5 times - you are serious thief.
But when somebody steal billions - The problem does not exist.

I'm thinking he would be right around my mark of 60, whether he deserves that reputation is subjective at best, but no where near where it is now

His rep would be 63. Total guess. @ironshield