A bit about myself

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Like many people here who have made the transition to Steem i am looking for something different to the existing social networks. I am and Australian looking for opportunities on this new and exciting online world and am happy to work towards building an income stream that is not connected to a mundane Job. My background is in engineer and primary school teaching but i have been involved with social media over the past two years. Using my engineering background to maximise engagement and growth on a number of instagram accounts, but it's a platform which is increasingly being controlled by those who control the algorithm.

With all that as my background my true passion is Travel, Adventure and living life humbly and happily. If you come follow me il come check out your page and see what you have on offer :).

The picture below is off the Croatian coast, a dream office for a hopeful future digital nomad.


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hey hi.i followed you and upvoted you.please folloe me also.

Heyhey! Your account seems new so I am offering you my welcome. There is an upvote for you and keep up the good work!
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