Fear of Psi - Interview with Charles T. Tart

in aakom •  10 months ago

This is a short 30-minutes interview packed with some powerful insights.

The paradigm shift in European attitudes towards witchcraft is discussed. Although we do not burn heretic scientists, the scientific community remains extremely hostile to those members who transgress the purely philosophical assumptions of materialism - you may be surprised that the consequences can be very personal - even though physics abandoned materialism some 150 years ago! Dismissing both the evidence and the messenger is our new scientism; reminds me of His Dark Materials.

The "fear of psi" seems to also extend to our own private domain. A Paranormal Survey by MORI UK, one I have mentioned before, has a couple of very peculiar results.

79% of respondents claim to have had experience of deja-vu, yet only 66% believe in the phenomenon. Also, 42% claim to have experienced dreams that predict the future, but only 30% say they believe in them. How does that happen? In both cases, some 12% of people had an experience they don't believe in! This isn't selective amnesia as they could recall the experiences for the purpose of the survey. Weird.

The interview discusses other topics too, but I shan't spoil it for you.

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