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My mind has a propensity to wander. Which is a good thing. Or so I think at least:)
I find this useful when it comes to my writing. When I am on Steemit, I always look up and try to find out as many writing challenges/contest that I can enter. They help me improve my writing and my favorite one being the #freewrite challenge by @mariannewest. The idea for 365 days of writing challenge came to me while I was scouring the Unsplash website.

What is 365 days of writing?

365 days of writing is a writing challenge that I plan to conduct for over the period of next 365 days, where I would be posting a photo prompt for the day and basis the prompt for the day, you are to make a post.

What are the rules?

There are no rules here except having to make your post basis the prompt for the day. This is meant to challenge your writing skills and creative thought process. There are no word limits. You can make it how ever long you want it to be or not. But please do use the tag #365daysofwriting as I would like to read every single post made for this.

I plan to start my day on Steemit by reading post's made by other for this challenge before moving onto anything(Even before claiming rewards into my wallet).

I sure hope to see a lot of you jump on-board and take up this challenge along with me.

I am so excited about this!!

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash


Thats a brilliant idea. I wish to join but sad to say i have missed almost 100 days of writing if i start tomorrow..

That's perfectly fine:) Just hop in with the current days prompt!

Oh really! Thats great im totally in.. but im kinda having trouble posting. Sorry as i am still new to this.. any tips do's abd dont's i should do?

Trouble posting as in? You need to click on the pencil icon on the top right corner of your screen to make new posts.

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sounds good. I include it in the writing challenge part of my posts if you want me to do that....

Well, of course. Please do.

Sounds like fun! I may have to juggle this between my own writing and the freewrite challenges. Maybe I will be able to combine some of my tasks into one big challenge at times :) Thanks for the great idea!

Yes, squeeze in some time:)

Does that mean that the photo at the top of this is the prompt for the day?

This was just an intro post. The photo prompts have been named day wise for the respective day.

This is awesome! I am in, not every day but I will do my best to participate as much as I can :-)

Great! Of course, you do not need to do it every day :)

I am going to join in! maybe people would like to write even more? please check out this contest too https://steemit.com/freewrite/@janine-ariane/f83ni-new-contest-pink-rabbit-fridays-week-2-till-saturday-13-th-ofjanuar

Its 10months gone... i guess i .missed a lot already.
@mydivathings this is nice... am I too late?

Nope! You can still do the prompts from today's & here on.

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