The Ten Worst Films of 2018

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It's that time of year again... where we gather around the fireplace, and remember with hateful glee all of the terrible films we've seen in the past year. 2018 was no slouch in the "bad film" department, but these ten were the worst of all.

We've done things a bit different this year. Rather than just look at the overall average score percentile, we've counted the number of times each film was "hated" -- that way, movies which people mildly disliked won't end up here. And god-awful dumpster fires which a handful of people inexplicably loved won't have their averages bolstered. Nope, we've only counted the votes for true, pitiless, righteous H-A-T-E. And there's plenty to go around.

[10. Traffik - Hate Percentage: 40%


"Paula Patton's performance and bad attitude set an annoying tone from the beginning. This movie suffers from bad writing and poor directing which probably accounts for the uneven performances. Overall, this was mostly unconvincing and left me feeling unsatisfied." - eCitizen

9. A Wrinkle in Time - Hate Percentage: 40.6%

A Wrinkle In Time

"It looks atrocious and the directing is even worse. It's one of the worst movies I've seen in over 30 decades. Quite the accomplishment. Never expected that Disney screwed up this hard. And delivered something that doesn't amount even to "so bad it's hilarious", it's just a total bore." - LennyNero

8. Forever My Girl - Hate Percentage: 41.38%

Forever My Girl

"Forever My Girl offers a suitably picturesque placeholder for romance fans between Nicholas Sparks films, but other viewers may end up crying for the wrong reasons." - RottenT

7. Mute - Hate Percentage: 44.19%

Mute Worst Movie

"A border-line offensive misfire from a really promising director. It's an embarrassingly poorly written cliché bonanza and an excruciatingly uninteresting watch that feels like it goes on and on forever. And in an insufferably awful role, an over-the-top Rudd is both unfunny and super annoying." - KasperL

6. - Hate Percentage: 44.19%

Action Point Movie

"Should’ve just done a Jackass movie. The cast today all look like broken monsters save for Steve-O anyways. Just dig up and tape together Dunn and have a go at it." - BillyShears

5. Gotti - Hate Percentage: 52.17%


"The fact that this was directed by E from Entourage is the most perfect possible punchline." - Alex Watkins

4. The 15:17 to Paris - Hate Percentage: 56.15%

15:17 To Paris Movie

I hate to say this, because Clint is an icon and a fantastic film director, but I think it's time for curtains up for him. To think this movie would work is delusional. His right wing, elderly driven nationalism starts to leak into his movies in a cringeworthy fashion. The acting in this movie is The Room-bad; it was so unbelievably bad that I enjoyed every minute of it. I had a hard time rating this movie because I also really love how horrible it is." - sproost

3. The Darkest Minds - Hate Percentage: 59.02%

The Darkest Minds Movie

"They managed to squeeze in every YA cliche they could into one movie. That's actually impressive. Someone had to be studying" - adornment

2. Slender Man - Hate Percentage: 73.08%

Slender Man Movie

"I didn't think there was a worse idea for a movie than making a story based on an internet horror meme designed to cash in on a real-life tragedy. Turns out, a worse idea is to force that movie to earn a PG-13 rating at the last minute, cut anything remotely resembling scares or logic, and push it out anyway. Absolutely terrible." - mwgerb

1. Fifty Shades Freed - Hate Percentage: 74.64%

Wrost Movie of 2018

"I'm shocked that a movie could be perceivably worse than Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker but I actually think this somehow pulls it off. Those two at least had the decency to stick to being bad romance/erotica films; this one tries to be a thriller on top of that with kidnapping/ransom/guns/etc and it's so bad at it it makes Basic Instict look like the fucking Godfather in comparison. Ana and Christian also spend the whole movie being jealous cunts toward each other. Toxic marriage!" - Ytadel

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I watch a lot of movies and I consider myself lucky that I only saw one ( 15:17 to Paris) out of your top ten awful films.


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I loved the bravery and heroism of the men it portrayed, but I thought the film itself was very average.


Curious what your favorite movie of 2018 and if it machtes the ones on our top list I'm about to publish.


Not a movie, but Altered Carbon was my favorite of the year. Last year Sicario was my favorite but Sicario II was a disapointment. For comedy it was Game Night, adventure Mission Impossible, drama Green Book, scfy Ready Player One.


Just saw Welcome to Marwen. It was fascinating to go into this guys world with a bunch of dolls reenacting World War II Belgium. I hate to admit it but I liked the film.