My sickest 1 vs 5 action in CS:GO

in #1vs53 years ago

Hello everyone :)

I'm sharing with you guys my sickest clutch i have ever done in cs.
Hope you enjoy it!

I'm going to upload more videos like this in the future. Related with gaming.

▶️ DTube

I love to watch fragmovies when the music is perfectly matched to the video. It is always a great experience and also I'm trying to learn something from similar videos to make my owns.

I think, that your rank in CS:GO is something between DMG and LEM. Am I right :D ?

Please share more situations like that and if you can tell me what is your program for editing videos? Keep doing!

P.S: Kolega chyba z Polski? Domyśliłem się po nicku :)

Yes, I from Poland :P. You're right, I am on DMG rank now, but i stopped playing matchmakings and moved out on faceit. I just hate 64 tick and people there seems friendly.

I'm editing my videos in Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.

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@cookie How many hours do you have in cs:go?
nice in game nick btw :P

Thanks :p. I've got more than two thousand hours in this game, maybe something around three.

Very impressive indeed. :D

Yea this is proper sick. The song choice works amazingly well. What is the name of the song?

Thanks dude :). The name of the song is "Infinite" made by Notaker

That's awesome man! I hope to see more of these types of clips and awesome soundtracks with them. Goodluck on DTube! Just be patient and hopefully Steem works well with you.

Thank you friend good music

Needs more!! I mean yeah its dope, but put up more!! i want like a 3-4 minute video of stuff like this at least.

wow. what a game full of action. you really enjoying this i know. did you create this yourself?

Yes, I created it by myself.

Means you a developer. Good one. Updated on trending spam issues in steemit and one user asked for web extension. Take a look. Tks for sharing and let's keep in touch 😎

DMG, ranked down from LE ;c. I moved out to faceit.

ez pz lemon squeezy ^^

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