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Someone offers a grand for these studio monitors I listed. Been knocking around the ranch for decades, powered by decent old kit to solid sonic effect. He sends a check and I drive six hours south to Beverly Hills. It's a sumptuous home. Grand piano, guitars. He hooks my babies up to a pair of expensive tube amps and blasts some jazz songstress into the hills. My senses shatter through the walls. Never heard them sing like that - pure bass disintegrating my bones, vocals piercing my heart in synaesthetic shards of light. Blinded, deafened, in love, I leave.


(had as much fun with the image as honing down the words for the story - and yep, those were my old KEF-107’s ;)

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Love it!
Couple of typos you might want to amend but I love the power of the music - very visible effects of the penetrating sound.



Only found one typo (why we need editors!)


Sorry to be fastidious - I like to think of it as helpful!
'descent' or 'decent'? 'base' or 'bass'?
It's just a shame if I publish this and ... I hope you see this as helpful and not meddling!
Helpful is my intent. Namaste!


Thank you so much - constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated, if not essential!