A 100-Word-Story-Competition: Sensation

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A Sad Story

Somebody!? Help me!” I cried.
Where are you going? Everybody’s bleeding!
I held Everybody in my arms. Warmth slowly left his lifeless body. His blank eyes stared at me. I can feel the burning sensation in my heart. Somebody abandoned me. It crushed my soul.

You’re gonna be fine!” Nobody said.
I smiled weakly. Tears poured.
I cried so much when Everybody died. I cried my heart out. I cried until I fell asleep. I cried more when I woke up. Somebody should’ve been there with me. Yet, he left.
Oh! Anybody.” His voice trembled.
Nobody was all I got.

Message to the Reader
This is my first entry to the #100words story contest. I can't decide of a title so I just went on with what's written above. I have written a short story before with the same characters: Anybody, Nobody, Somebody and Everybody. I posted it on Facebook. Lame. Yes. I first saw the big four in a children's story when I was 9 or 10 years old, I guess. It was called, "That's not my Job". You can check the story here. And I thought, "That's what you call CLEVER!" I adapted it in writing. I hope you, guys like it.
P.S. Thank you @writing-trail for the contest! You're awesome!


I think it is excellent - well done you!
Thank you for taking part and supporting this initiative. Upped.

Thank you @ebryans! 😊

Many Congratulations, you have been awarded third place in this week's contest and 4 steem have been transferred to your account. Please contact the guys at Steem Trail to claim your 100 Trail. They need your Open Ledger Account details.
Thank you for taking part and I hope that you will enter again next week.

Thank you so much @ebryans! 😊 I actually need help about the 100 Trail. I don't have an Open Ledger Account. I don't know what to do about it.

Hi @krizia, don't worry at all, click here: Steem Trail and you will need to register your username with Discord to access the site. Once there, you should find yourself in a chat room - @instructor2121 or @anotherjoe will guide you through how to set up an account on Open Ledger. If you get into any difficulties, let me know - only too happy to help!

Thank you! I'm sorry I was afk. Anyways, I went to there already. So far, nobody's responding. I guess I'll just have to wait.

You should have a whale sized vote from @htooms - tell me if you don't! I have been doing his voting for about 5 hours - I voted then he voted behind ... but just bigger!!

Oh. I'm sorry. I don't understand much about this whale sized votes. I'm confused.

I won the whale vote contest - watch out! Good things coming!

Congratulations man! I'm happy for you!

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