Savoy Seafood Maharat Branch

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Savoy Seafood Maharat Branch




I had a great Thai dish at the Chao Phraya River

Savoy Restaurant

Here I also posted a review of Sukhumvit 26

I had a good meal and went once more

Let's go to a new branch this time! And the place I found

This is the riverside Maharat store.


Ta Maharat

There is a large shopping mall right in front of the water bus stop.

Is there a Savoy restaurant in it

You can eat while watching the water bus and water taxis coming and going in front of the river!

You're here in Bangkok.


I want to make a video about Thai cuisine this time

I deliberately went to an ambiguous time when there were no guests as much as possible.

Was it around 3pm~~

Sunlight reflected on the river before sunset

It was a very beautiful time




I will show you the foods I ordered at the Sahara Restaurant Maharat restaurant in Bangkok.

I sat at the riverside table and picked up my favorite menus


Order drinks first~~

This house is as tasty and pretty as the drinks in the famous cafe.


Pat Krapao is expensive

It's Pat Krapao Musap that you can easily see at street stalls like fried noodles.

Stir fry with minced pork, basil leaves, chilli and garlic

Street stalls are served with fried eggs on top of rice and served as rice bowls.

It will be cheap and delicious

Personally, I like it very much.


How do you explain this taste?

It doesn't taste like in Korea...

Basil, pork, and spicy pepper!

The world is in harmony :)


Chaenam Plaza

You know a lot of Thai crab crab

There are many people who don't know the shrimp farm

I would like to order the shrimp jangchaenampla more than crab crab puddle

It's easier to eat shrimp than crab


I put red pepper and garlic on the raw shrimp and dip the sauce

This is special!!!

It's served with a green seafood sauce, Thai seafood sauce.

It has a sweet and tangy taste.

I think Korean crab is more delicious than Thai crab

The shrimp sauce was better in Thai style than in Korea

Of course, this is an odor


The next menu is Boreopbab

The typical boring rice is'kaopad' in Thai

The name changes depending on the ingredients you enter.

If you add shrimp, it's Khaopat 꿍

Pork Khaopat Radish

Chicken Khaopat Cai

Crab meat kaopatpu

Seafood Kaopat Thale

And this time, the pineapple bowl I ordered

It's Kaopat Safarot!

Pineapple is Saparot in Thai.

Fried rice with sweet sliced ​​pineapple

The sweet taste makes the children eat well

It is served in a bowl made of pineapple and the visual is also good


Au Xuan is a Thai omelette with a tangled oyster?

I'm? You can see

And oyster and glutinous rice starch, egg and bean sprouts.

For reference, if you go to a street stall or a night market, you can meet evangelism made with mussels, an inexpensive ingredient instead of oysters.

The requirement is called'Hui-Chan'


The next menu is without adding any sauce or sauce

It's simply charcoal-grilled seafood.

When ordering, I usually weigh it and calculate how much per key.

The most common grilled shrimp is called wokpaew.


This is the highlight of today’s food


Best of Best

Big treat? Grilled lobster!!


It was thicker than my forearm.

It was really big and fat


That yellow sheet on my head...

Really JMT

It's seafood, so it's not cheap

Still, it is much cheaper than our seafood restaurant.

I ate it all the way and digested it by going around the mall.

I always play on the Sukhumvit aisle plunge tooth side...

It's been a long time since the riverside

I didn't even know there was a shopping mall like this,

Riverside is really good and good, but I have to go diligently.

Oh, by the way, if you buy a coupon in advance for a savoy restaurant in Bangkok,

From thirty-eight thousand seven hundred won to thirty-three thousand eight hundred won

About four thousand won discount

If you're going to eat it, buy a coupon and enjoy it at an affordable price!

When buying coupons, you have to choose group A or group B

The riverside Tamaharat branch I introduced today belongs to group B

You need to purchase branch B to use it here

The coupon purchase link is below

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