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RE: 인물

in #zzan9 months ago

Wow that is so amazing portrait, I really love it. Such gentle features of face and a lot of kindness and happiness.

By the way Veronica, I was wondering if you would like to take part in the contest that is running by @wherein, it is very simple rules:

  1. any Art
  2. your work need to be new with date and signature
  3. use #wherein-art tag as a second

I would love to see your work in the competition :)

Here is the link:

(google-translator) 와. 많은 친절과 행복의 정말 좋은 얼굴과 부드러운 특징.

@wherein에서 열린 콘테스트에 참여 하시겠습니까? 이것은 매우 간단한 규칙입니다.

모든 예술.
작품에는 새로운 날짜와 서명이 있어야합니다.
두 번째 태그 : #wherein-art

나는 경쟁에서 당신의 작품을보고 싶습니다 :)