Red Paper || Bougainvillea

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Red Paper || Bougainvillea


To be more straightforward, pink paper flowers are mixed with a little blood red color as a combination of the two. My mother planted it in a pot on her veranda with stunted growth and she somehow managed to make it a more practical plant than our fear of being pricked with thorns. I don't feel that fear anymore maybe because the growth is not like in the wild into a shrub with a fairly large stem. But this, cute and adorable.

This afternoon when I visited it briefly after returning from my daily routine, I took some pictures using my smartphone, maybe about seven times I took pictures even though there were only three pictures that went up to the posting table, hehe. The rest I put in the basket in my smartphone gallery. Why? I think this is an axiomatic question and answer.

Then to see the characteristics of paper flowers more closely or more clearly, I uploaded two pictures below, I hope you enjoy them.



Always happy to share about nature around me and the things that are closest to me in the hope of giving something beautiful to all of my friends.

Stay grateful for the blessings of life today, whatever the shape and color.

Love, Seha76!

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