Little Butterfly on Dry Twigs!

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Little Butterfly on Dry Twigs!


Hello Hive Friends! Let me show you some pictures of the little butterfly perched on a dry branch this afternoon. As you can see, it's just a small butterfly that is bluish in color mixed with a hint of brown and white. This is a beautiful butterfly that is nominated in blue which is one of my favorite colors so obviously this little butterfly is even more beautiful in my eyes because the color matches my favorite color. :)

But actually this really is a cute little blue butterfly. Besides being beautiful and cute, this little butterfly is also very agile, flying here and there and then back on a small dry twig as shown in the picture. Although this butterfly is agile, it is not difficult for me to photograph it because wherever it flies, it perches on a branch of the same kdring.

When I'm taking pictures, sometimes I stop taking pictures. I did this on purpose because I like the color and the soft fur on its back. Maybe you can see by enlarging the image if you don't see detail in that image size.





Always happy to share about nature around me and the things that are closest to me in the hope of giving something beautiful to all of my friends.

Stay grateful for the blessings of life today, whatever the shape and color.

Love, Seha76!

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