Flowers That Adorable Me!

in #zzan7 months ago

Flowers That Adorable Me!


Hi everybody!
This is truly an adorable flower. How not, this flower has made my heart happy today. And, fly the birds of mind into the orange sky in the late afternoon. I found him hiding in the grass by the roadside. Or is he really a grass flower? It's too hard to tell the difference. you know why? Because he is a beautiful flowered grass.

More than that, I hope you and I think the same about this white grass flower mixed with purple. And what is it? May you and I both see the monkey in the grass flower. :)) Didn't you pay close attention to that? In my eyes, it really looks like a monkey face. So that's why I say that the grass flower is adorable.

I hope you feel the same as I do. So I say adorable, because besides being cute and beautiful, it also looks like a monkey's face so it gave me something extraordinary this afternoon when I saw it.

There was a sense of awe when I saw it that I couldn't wait to take a picture of it and share it with all of my friends.






Always happy to share about nature around me and the things that are closest to me in the hope of giving something beautiful to all of my friends.

Stay grateful for the blessings of life today, whatever the shape and color.

Love, Seha76!

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