Danaus Chrysippus!

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Danaus Chrysippus!

Hello There!

This time I want to post about insects or plain caterpillars that are beautiful but have interesting patterns on their bodies, namely: Danaus Chrysippus which I photographed yesterday in the low bushes around where I live.

Danaus Chrysippus is a caterpillar that really likes to eat green leaves as shown in the picture in this post.

But what makes this post even more interesting is when I try to find out more about this caterpillar. It turns out that this caterpillar is a caterpillar that likes to eat plants from the genus Asclepias. This means that caterpillars like poisonous plants such as the milky sap of thistle tree which contains toxic compounds that are widely consumed and stored by other insects such as butterflies because of its emetic properties so it is not liked by most predators.

So in short, this post tries to describe caterpillars that like to eat thistle tree leaves which have a milky and poisonous sap.

Always happy to share about nature around me and the things that are closest to me in the hope of giving something beautiful to all of my friends.

Stay grateful for the blessings of life today, whatever the shape and color.

Love, Seha76!

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