I have an idea for a Steemzzang.

in zzan •  3 months ago 

Steemzzang is the latest platform today that is very enthused by lovers of digital coins, but not all of them know that this steemzzang is already born.

So I have an idea to get many users steemit knowing and want to find out about Steemzzang, how to? Way is to make the billboards get on the way or at the intersection of traffic ligth, why should there? Because of the city road is a lot of people who passed it and the cross is a very remarkable thing when people stop because the red light is lit.

Maybe I can describe this like this.

This image is just my imagination only, because it just makes use of adobephotoshop, But I have a dream like that, to realize the dream then it takes a lot of money.

So I just had an idea that I think is good for the future Steemzzang progress.


thanks support @zzan.co19 @zzan.co20

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Thanks for your inspiration!!!
hope it will happen in the near future!!

Thank you to, we hope steemzzang like a month