Under the Droplight

in #zzan3 years ago

Today, my hemoglobin went down to 60 and the normal is 120 units. I had to do blood transfusion. It's not easy to get hold of blood here because of the pandemic and we have been calling hospital blood banks for 2 days. By some miracle, after my repeat laboratory for my blood count which showed it was down to 60 from 74 which was 3 days ago, a bag of type A+ blood was available in the same hospital where I do my dialysis sessions. When I did the cross match it was perfect for me. I had the transfusion soonest, during my dialysis session and they made sure I was comfy. In anticipation, they had me under a droplight, if in case I get chilly. What a day! I am so grateful for this miracle. It's amazing how one donor just gave his blood and never even knowing who he or she will save. Thank you, stranger, may your life be well.




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