Atom token Review ( Legit ) Chance to Win 25$

in zzan •  4 months ago 

i have been working on new token named as


its there on steem-engine you can see
Steem-engine Link

its new token and anyone can earn that token by the website by following these steps

Step 1

Join the ACR Link provide necessary details about yourself And get verified ...

Step 2

here we have two different things

  • musicians
  • listeners
    See how the both things work

Step 3

For listeners ( Atom token Earners ) You can click on the Website Having Atom logo to earn atom by playing the whole music .

See the list of music websites supported

Step 5 :

After you have earned 500 Atom you can get withraw i have withrawn 100 Atom due to some reason but see the proof :)


Further information About 25$ Winning :

You can also win 25$ by just listening to music see

Refference of Everything

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