Time to Make Bitcoin Green

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Hi steemian people,

I'm on steemit since early 2018 and was most of the time active in the Altcoin section.
I have concerns about the environmental impact of the use of Bitcoin but I have some idea's to make it greener.
It is a journey and I started to investigate more the use of small devices for supporting the blockchain network.

There are several guides to setup a Bitcoin full node in Rasberrypi.

I have a few Rasberrypi V3 and I tried with and without a GUI.


The setup is running now with a 500GB HDD.


With 45 connections and also incoming because port 8333 is open for the device.


Registered my full node bitnodes.io

But I also played with the command version of the Bitcoin full node:




And after a few hours 18 connections.

I hope you like to read this post and see the success of my efforts.
By sharing this maybe others are motivated also create a Bitcoin full node on a Raspberrypi, it is very energyeffecient.
My idea's for a more energy-efficient Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem I shall share in the next post I make in this topic.

Have a nice day everyone


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