Franco Morbidelli Predicts Yamaha Will Be Difficult in Austria

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After failing to finish because of being hit via Johann Zarco in Brno, Czech final weekend, Petronas Yamaha SRT rider Franco Morbidelli right now focused his thoughts at the Austrian MotoGP race week at the Red Bull Ring Circuit, Spielberg, this weekend.

Even so, the Italian-blooded Italian rider predicted that Yamaha could have difficulty on the circuit. Aside from this music being controlled with the aid of Ducati for the past three years, Yamaha has also experienced engine problems, that are virtually lagging at the back of Ducati and Honda.

"This racing weekend will manifestly be hard, but we are able to continue to be confident. We finished very speedy on several occasions this yr, and this can be a racing week where we should understand a way to pass fast all of the time," he said in an official group launch.

The lack of engine power will certainly make Yamaha tough, given the Red Bull Ring has many instantly tracks, and the least quantity of turns in the MotoGP racing calendar, that is best two bends to the left and 7 bends to the right.

"We will gather a lot of facts and take a look at it to deliver out the fine potential from the motorbike. Even so, this is a circuit where I even have sweet reminiscences, and I genuinely like driving on this song," Morbidelli said.


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