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In ancient China during the Song Dynasty, a letter of engagement was required to keep a cat, and a bride price was placed to take the cat home.

First of all, you should pick a time to write a cat hiring letter in a book that specializes in picking good days, and then ask someone to write a deed to keep the cat, on which will be written some date of hiring the cat, the cat's appearance and character traits, including some expectations of the cat, etc.

Finally, it also wrote the name of the Queen Mother of the Eastern Gods and the East China Emperor inside the engagement letter to be a witness and conclude a contract with the cat.

With the deed of cat ownership you can bring the bride price to the door to pick up the cat.
If the kitten is born to a domestic cat, the bride-price is usually salt, sugar, tea, sesame, etc. If it is a wild kitten, you need to bring some small dried fish to the mother cat, then you can pick up the cat and take it home.

The ancient Chinese poet Lu You of the Song Dynasty wrote a work Gift to the Cat, in which it is said

Wrapped in salt, I welcomed the little civet slave
I have protected the mountain house with ten thousand volumes of books.
I am ashamed of my poor family's poor policy.
I am ashamed of my poor family's weaknesses in policy and my lack of ability to make decisions.

Probably means that Lu You used some salt to pick up the kitten, the cat helped him to protect his treasured books from being chewed by rats, but unfortunately his family is poor, no felt to warm it, but also can not afford to buy small dried fish, ashamed of their cats.

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Then ask someone to write a deed to keep the cat.


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