Zwift and My Road to Fitness

in zwift •  9 months ago

So if you haven't heard about Zwift it's amazing.

If like me, the thought of spending several hours on a bike, in your house, staring at a wall is totally uninspiring.

Artboard 2.png

Well here is the next best thing to getting out on the actual road, Zwift.

Artboard 2.png

So i'm gearing up, forgive the pun, to get fit and in shape over the next few months as i have signed up to a Tough Mudder and Rough Runner later this year so have my goals to work too.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 17.14.25.png

The main thing i like about the Zwift platform is that it brings out my competitive edge so i push my self harder than if i was just on a trainer in the gym. It has all the real life benefits of cycling in a group so it simulates slipstream created by other riders, it takes your weight into account, it alters the difficulty of your ride as the landscape changes and much, much more.

I will be posting my progress starting photo and lifestyle change to follow next :)

Thanks for reading


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Good luck with the goals for this year, Dave! I've signed up on Zwift early January and it is quite addictive. Are you also syncing your rides with Strava?

Get fit in any weather, looks great xx


its amazing and the best thing is you never get a puncher :)


I like to get fit but the gym is all the way on the other side of the roac