South Africa celebrates the end of an Error

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It's been an exciting couple of days in South Africa, and where I lack in skilled jounralism, I couldn't help but take some of what I found, share it and start my voice practice strategy with a bang! Welcome to 'Reading the NEWS for those who can't' or won't. Have a super new South Africa, reboot!! (along side Zimbabwe - a new era awaits us as neighbours!!)

Thanks and credit to Richard Poplak who wrote the artice title TRAINSPOTTING: HASTA LA VISTA JZ that was published on the Daily Maverick DM at

Trainspotting Hasta la Vista JZ 2.jpg

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Fabulously exciting! It's like having a brain tumour removed. I'm looking forward to the changes in our beautiful country.

We are indeed full of hope that we are entering a new era: Nation Elation! Zuma is gone. The entity that brazenly encouraged farm attacks with his singing and ripped off the country to fill his own pockets at the expense of especially the poor. Maybe now we can have 1994 all over again, this time with a population who has learned what it means to be treated like idiots by a self-important psychopathic chieftain. There is much more love than hatred living in South African hearts. I look forward to better days vivinova - as your name suggests!


You are so right - there is way more love in South African hearts xxx

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