Mark Zuckerberg's sister was sexually harassed on the plane

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American Airlines Alaska Air Group Inc. has been found to have sexually assaulted on a plane by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's sister Randy Zuckerberg. He posted on social media the details of the incident on Wednesday.

In that post, Randy has also brought allegations of non-cooperation to air staff. After circulating around his post, the airline authorities were stunned after the issue spread. The American Airlines has started an investigation to know the details.

Randy said he was going to Majattla from Los Angeles. Accused of sitting in the first class of the aircraft was right next to him. Shortly after leaving the aircraft, he started making indecent remarks targeting him. To touch him, even if he was trying to tease Randy repeatedly to visualize him with his eyes.

Randy claims that he did not take all these precautions in the beginning. But when the person started to exaggerate, he told the air traveler the matter. Randy complained that the person was indulging in indecent comments against other women and passengers, who were sitting around her. Randy's claim, Airbus did not give any importance to his charge. On the opposite side, he was sympathetic.Tell Randy that the person went to their flight from time to time. If there is a problem, he can arrange for Randi to sit on the other side.

Note that Randy himself is a former Facebook executive executive After being victim of sexual harassment, he became very shocked by the behavior of Air Sebbie. Return home to the social media full of information. After the posting, the airline authorities were stunned. The person canceled the next flight until he got the report started immediately. Bloomberg

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