Ooooh! Nice Block-chain!

in zsarg •  2 years ago 

But nothing is secure when you don't delete your e-mails with your original password and never change it . . . .  You should know better, Amon.

I would have taken this account for myself but I see that there's a competent account recovery process -- so I'll just leave this little love note . . . . and let you twist in the wind.

How's your back-up drive?  Or, more importantly, how's your buddy David doing?  It must be rough getting thoroughly hacked and then losing some friends (though I guess that he doesn't know about *that* quite yet -- chronology can get so confusing sometimes).

I find myself inspired by your little contest (too bad your website got hacked).  I think I'll create one of my own.  I can always use more minions . . . . 




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I have done many of the steps to decode/decrypt the data hidden in the image. But unfortunately have hit a wall. I'm considering releasing my findings to Zero State members (one more reason to join this great group!) if the organizers give me their blessing.