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I recently visited the local zoo.
And this stray cat was the only subject to be photographed there.


In general, I do not like zoos. But this time I decided to go there. It was as if I could see something different than expected - sad animals taken out of their natural habitat and confined in cramped spaces.


I once expressed my opinion about these 'institutions' on another platform. And I felt that this statement was not well received there. (How much better is when no one reads your posts.😁) I know that it will not be accepted mostly by parents with little children, or grandparents, for whom this is an indispensable attraction for their children and grandchildren.


But I also know that the living conditions of animals in zoos in developed countries are significantly different from those in Bulgaria.
The difference is from earth to sky, as Bulgarians often say.
Because I've been to Schönbrunn once. I I've been also to the zoo in Sofia. The difference is really from earth to sky.
And maybe depressed animals living in bad conditions can only be seen here. (And in other, underdeveloped countries.)


But anyway, I no longer visit zoos.


Because I want to save myself the unpleasant views.


And believe me, in this zoo, the only pleasant sight was this ginger cat, carelessly basking in the sun over the enclosed spaces of birds and rabbits. 😸

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Personally, I am a sensitive person with a strong sense of justice.
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No, it's not trivial. Because I still love to travel to small and not so famous destinations.🗺️
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