A new international social network ZONTO!

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Who we are? What is ZONTO and how it differs from the other social networks? What plans do we have for developing our project?

                                            Now we are answering all this questions and even more!

ZONTO Team is a developers team gathered together from several countries (including Estonia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Great Britain), who are working together on this project for the last two years.

ZONTO’s basis would be  a social network, but at the same time, that is not going to be its main functional! Our goal is to create a convenient interface of the system which is going to have inside itself not only social network but as well as a number of different functional modules.

ZONTO will bring together business and clients inside its system. With its help the client can easily view any services or goods nearby, depending on the interests of the client, directly connect with a business representative, to book a place or to schedule a service, to view advertisements or promotions, and even to place own advertisements on the map.

     We recently have started a beta version of our website for general review. Nearly all functionalities of the social network are already working, every day we are adding new and fixing bugs. The website is opened for registration and we invite you for testing the network! For the registration you can follow the link  https://zonto.world.

    If you have any questions or suggestions you can mail us at [email protected] 

                                                                                                                                     Wait for more news about our project!


Beautiful writeup!Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your interest! Follow us for more information! :3

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