A Retrograde Venus is set in Scorpio: we will burn with passion and jealousy

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On October 3rd, Venus in Scorpio is already stationary, that is, it slows its movement and prepares for its retrograde movement from October 6 to November 16, followed by a two-day stationary phase until November 18 inclusive. Some people underestimate the stationary position of the planet, but it is very important because we are not prepared for this retro movement and can be very surprising and unpleasant.

However, Venus in this sign "does not feel" well and consequently, its influence in intimate and business partnerships as well as finances are not favored and are very difficult. Venus in Scorpio is under the powerful influence of Pluto, the manager of Scorpio.

Wishes are strong, passions are stormy. Venus-born in Scorpio is dealt fully, but also requires the same devotion to the loved one, so in almost all cases, disappointments, jealousy, and heavy emotional experiences follow. The fewer the expectations or requirements a person has towards the partner and the others, the less and the disappointments he experiences.

But for Scorpio, there are no middle positions - either he loves or hates ... ..and in both cases very deep and strong. Because Venus is also associated with the "Phoenician characters", that is, with money, we can not expect anything positive in the world at this time in the financial sphere, but the retrograde movement of Venus will take it for a while from Jupiter, which increases everything, including the prices - Venus had started at a fast pace to coincide with Jupiter, but the Universe has stopped this process at least for now. Venus will coincide with Jupiter, but in the Sagittarius sign, by the middle of January 2019, when more drastic increases in some product and service prices may be expected, but the first wave of financial strain will be in the last few days on October.

Personally, retrograde Venus in Scorpio will have a more negative impact on relationships and partnerships, or financially, on those born under signs and with Venus in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. Temporary sections are possible in some people and transformation in relationships, financial loss or financial difficulties. Venus in Scorpio brings great depth and passion to love, but also jealousy and desire for revenge in frustration.

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