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It's everyone's favourite time of the month - 01coin Project Update Day! Yaaaayyyy! 😁

Community Updates

  • From the outset, we have always planned for 01coin to become the most community-centric project in all of crypto. To that end, we continue to work towards implementing the most robust, representative and easiest-to-use governance architecture in blockchain history.

  • But that remains a work in progress. In the meantime, we have implemented the project's community-centric stance through something called the Chain of Trust. It means anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to the project, and as they do, they earn higher levels of trust, access and responsibility.

  • Recently, a community member named JSKitty has been taking advantage of the community centrism of 01coin and has spurred a good debate about copyright dates in the 01coin core code, has pitched in with original development for our Discord bot, and has pledged to help out with the forthcoming light theme for the 01coin QT wallet.

  • JSKitty is not the first to contribute to the project as a community member - indeed, that's how all zocteam members got their roles - but it's great to see the tradition continue to live on!

  • Zocteam subadmin COIN (german) recently suggested creating some emojis for the 01coin Discord server. Good idea!

Say hello to :ZOCL: and :ZOCD:

  • If you have any ideas or requests for additional custom emojis, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Wallet and Core Development

  • The new 01coin Sentinel has been completed. The new Sentinel now has unit tests specifically customized for the 01coin blockchain and includes a Windows release v1.2.0, enabling users to host Windows-based masternodes more easily.

  • JSKitty has submitted a pull request to suggest some copyright corrections. These suggestions are currently under review before they get committed to master.

  • Work is underway to setup a new, private testnet so that development and testing of new IPv6-enabled release candidates can begin.

Ancillary Services Development

  • Work to refine the new 01coin.io website continues. A favicon was added and the newest zocteam subadmin added to the Team section.

  • More importantly, a lot of work has been done on the 01coin Knowledge Base using the extremely fast and lightweight (node.js-powered and markdown-based) Raneto. KB contents have been created in the following categories:

  • Official Documents
  • Roadmap
  • Guides & Tutorials
  • Project Updates
  • Meeting Minutes
  • The new KB content is currently undergoing Chain of Trust review before it will be added to the website.

  • The 01coin testnet block explorer is also undergoing some additional customizations to facilitate the upcoming IPv6 testing.

  • JSKitty has submitted a few pull requests for the 01coin Discord bot designed to create some new features and enhance a number of existing ones. These include…

  • Adding a new !value N command for returning the current BTC value of N ZOC
  • Code optimizations for improved bot performance
  • Adding some stronger sanity checks when processing command arguments
  • Fixing some typos and misnamed files
  • Updating the welcome message for when new members join our server

01VPS.net Updates

  • All current VPS packages will be grandfathered at the end of the month and replaced with a new set of packages. Owners of a current VPS may elect to keep their grandfathered package for as long as they like - there is no user action required with this change.

  • Please note the new plans will offer less RAM but more disk space across the board. This reallocation of server resources is necessary in order to ensure the 01VPS.net service remains capable of at least paying for itself, if not profitable. On the plus side, the price of our most affordable IPv4-enabled package will in fact come down. In addition, users will now also have the option to add additional IPv4 addresses to any VPS package for €1.00 per address - which is by far the lowest rate in the industry.

  • Work has begun to create a new 01VPS.net landing page that honours the spirit of the old one built by MadStu. The new one will be a standalone webpage, though, built with good ol' fashioned HTML and CSS. The old one, incidentally, was a Wordpress theme.

Look familiar to anyone?

  • The GossipCoin (GOSS) recipe was updated to install the new, mandatory v2.1.0 release. To update, simply click on the recipe again. Please note that due to a protocol version change, you will have to do "Start Alias" again after updating.

Dont 'simply slick' LoL ... should be read 'simply click' instead ;)

Fixed - thanks!

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