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This Valentine's Day edition of the 01coin biweekly project update contains goodies about exchanges, listing partners, core development, website development and 01VPS.net development. Read it quickly, then rush out to buy some flowers and/or chocolates before you lose your snuggle privileges ❤️❤️❤️!

Community Updates


  • A new listing partner for 01coin was found in CoinPaprika, which has a nice user interface and contains lots of helpful information.

  • Updated exchange information has been provided to all our market, mining and masternode listing partners. So far, the ones that have updated are masternodes.online, mntop.co.in, worldcoinindex.com, coincodex.com, and coinpaprika.com.

  • One of our partner sites -- dice-age.com -- recently underwent a transformative upgrade. It is now an online multi-currency staking web wallet in addition to its fun dice game component. A truly revolutionary confluence of features! If you like to gamble, check it out and roll the dice. If you don't gamble, you can instead invest in the online wallet and take your cut from the 5% house rake. And if you hold any of the supported staking coins (NZL, EVOS, LPC, XLN or XUEZ), then your invested holding will continue to earn stake rewards!

Roll the dice or invest with the house at dice-age.com

  • The current 4C contest remains in search of its first submission. The topic for this 4C is How to Mine ZOC Using AMD and Nvidia Video Cards. Visit the #content-creation channel on our Discord server, submit a video and earn rewards!

  • An updated project roadmap as of Q1 2019 for 01coin will be released prior to the next biweekly project update on February 25.

Wallet and Core Development

  • The current goal for the mini binary for cold node MNs is to release it as part of the master branch of the zeroonecoin repository and not as its own branch. This means being able to build it alongside a fully-featured wallet just by using certain config args prior to compiling. While this is surely the cleaner and more efficient implementation, it is taking longer to finalize than previously anticipated. Still, expect the mini binary to be released Soon™.

  • Lead zocteam developer, OwenRay, articulated the immediate-term development roadmap as follows:

  1. Fix the last few things before website launch
  2. Merge latest Dash changes and release that
  3. Finish technical part of whitepaper
  4. Implement governance system as we envision it
  • Some initial work has been started on enabling IPv6 masternodes in 01coin. What we have found so far is it will require a more complex degree of coding effort than simply switching a proverbial switch in masternode.cpp.

Ancillary Services Development

  • As you read above, finishing and launching the 01coin website is currently our top priority. This includes the process of populating the Knowledge Base with materials past and present.

  • A security alert was recently flagged for us on our Market-Enhancement-Feature repository on GitHub. We are looking into that and will resolve any vulnerabilities ASAP.

  • By any measure, the Graviex MEF has done its job and is no longer required. We will look into replicating the success it had on Graviex on some of the other available trade platforms, likely beginning with Crex24.

01VPS.net Updates

  • Important reminder about the current systemctl bug affecting SSH access on older Linux kernels such as Ubuntu 16.04. To workaround the bug, add the following line to your root crontab:

@reboot mkdir -p -m0755 /var/run/sshd && systemctl restart ssh.service

  • We will look into adding that line by default in our OS images.

  • Certain masternode recipes are currently broken. We are trying to reverse-engineer the workflow for their creation despite a lack of access to the host server where the recipes are kept. This remains a work in progress.

  • Once we have the recipe workflow figured out, we will begin hosting them on a server we control.

  • In an effort to streamline our services to improve system sustainability and ultimately provide a better overall user experience, 01VPS.net will be closing its two smallest servers located in Finland and Germany. The Finland server will be closing on February 16, and all affected customer accounts have already been notified. The Germany server will be closing on March 29, and customers who will be affected by that closure should expect to start hearing from the 01VPS.net support staff as early as next week.

  • From a user experience perspective, the most significant performance bottleneck currently affecting 01VPS.net containers has been identified as disk IO. As such, a process has been proposed for migrating current HDD-based servers to ones with SSD caching. It is possible the first such migration could occur as early as February 17, when our France server comes up for renewal. However, that will depend on how successful our tests are between now and then.

  • A friendly reminder to all 01VPS.net customers to always send your ZOC payments to the address specified in your invoice. A new, unique address is generated with each invoice. Sending payments to an old address requires manual intervention and could result in delaying access to your server by several days or even the temporary suspension of your account.

  • There are currently 83 active clients using 01VPS.net, with a total of 589 active VPS nodes across seven servers.

01MN.net Updates

  • There are currently 143 unique beta testers using 01MN.net, with a total of 238 active masternodes.

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