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It's been a fairly quiet couple of weeks in Zocland. The big news has been the launch of the 01VPS.net Migration Sale. This Project Update will not only reflect on project activity over the past two weeks, but also look forward to some of the initiatives we will be looking to revisit or start anew in the short-term future.

Community Updates

  • 01coin has secured a pair of new partnerships with MN hosting services. First is ihostmn, which is actually one of the segment's larger providers. It offers masternode hosting, sharing and monitoring services. It looks like ihostmn is already hosting four ZOC nodes. Prices start at €1.99 per month.

  • The other is with a brand new player in the segment called InnovaHost, which is operated by the Innova project (in partnership with ARPHost). InnovaHost allows for an additional level of control that most masternode hosts don't, with root access if needed. Kind of a compromise between the fully hands-off approach of a masternode host like ihostmn and the full control offered by a VPS provider like 01VPS.net.


(L) InnovaHost offers MN hosting with root access; (R) ihostmn does hosting, sharing & monitoring


01VPS.net Migration Sale: Up to 40% off new VPS rentals

  • Co-marketing effort alongsize 01VPS.net targeting the Zixx community. The April coin vote is now love - so nominate a masternode coin, and vote to see it added at the end of the month at https://01vps.net/secure/voting.php.

Wallet and Core Development

  • In the last project update, we mentioned how merging the 01coin code with the latest Dash-13 "Evolution" release was our immediate-term core development priority. That remains the case.

  • However, now that the heavy lifting in terms of modernizing the hardware and software architecture for 01VPS.net has been completed, we can return to some tasks that had previously been put on the back-burner. One of the tasks we will be revisiting is the release of the mini-binary for cold node masternode hosting. As you might recall, the purpose of this would be to offer a wallet version stripped of any transactional functionality so that masternode operators could run it with a lower memory footprint.

  • While this binary has already been created here, our goal for continued development of it is to create a build process for it so that anyone can compile it themselves from the master source code.

Ancillary Services Development

  • We are now a week into April, and remain hopeful that the full 01coin.io website will launch this month. If you want to help make sure that happens, give OwenRay a poke in our Discord server and give him a piece of your mind! 😜

  • Another project we may revisit in the coming weeks is adapting the Market Enhancement Feature, which previously worked so well on Graviex to be compatible with Crex24.

01VPS.net Updates

  • The 01VPS.net Migration Sale is now live! There are two components to the sale:
  1. New VPS rentals are available for as much as 40% off
  2. The minimum balance threshold for affiliate referral rewards has been reduced to zero for the sale, so you can withdraw your rewards faster
  • The recipe rewrite process has been completed. All 35 of our masternode recipes have been completely overhauled to a) take better advantage of IPv6 for coins that support it, b) take advantage of our new rapid-sync technology to ensure your nodes are up and running in just a few minutes, c) automate the sentinel install process for coins that require it, and d) add a new auto-restart feature so that your node stays up even if the VPS is rebooted. In total, about 25000 lines of code were written in this process.

  • A new recipe has been added to 01VPS.net's one-click automatic masternode setup system featuring rapid-sync technology. We are pleased to welcome Zixx to the 01VPS.net family! Click here to setup your new Zixx masternode on 01VPS.net.


01VPS.net welcomes Zixx to the family

  • The Noir (NOR) recipe has been updated to support the new mandatory wallet release version If you are already running a Noirnode on 01VPS.net, simply clicking on the recipe again will automatically update your node to the latest without having to restart it.

  • The SparksPay (SPK) recipe has also been updated to support the new mandatory wallet release version This version introduces a new masternode layer called "Guardian Nodes." A Guardian Node requires a higher collateral amount (25000 SPK), but is rewarded about 7% faster than a regular masternode. If you are already running a Sparks masternode on 01VPS.net, simply clicking on the recipe again will automatically update your node for you. You will, however, have to restart your node upon upgrading as the new wallet includes a protocol update.

  • The Oyster Platform (OYS) recipe has been disabled. The new recipes require access to a block explorer, and the OYS explorer at is offline. The project appears to have been abandoned.

  • The banner ad pilot project continues at 01VPS.net, and the site has generated over 40000 adviews since launch (about 2000 views/day on average). This is an even better result than we hoped, so the likelihood of the banner ad program continuing is high. Before we can start soliciting paid ad placements, we will need to flesh out our data reporting to include time-of-day and day-of-week results as well as click-through rates, at a minimum.

  • Revenue generated from 01VPS.net is currently being directed towards the community donation wallet. This was done originally because it's a multisig wallet controlled by the zocteam. However, this is not ideal. We will be looking to setup a new cold wallet for 01VPS.net-generated revenues soon.

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