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This 01coin Project Update comes a little later in the week than usual. Our apologies for the delay! We shan't delay any further, though, so let's dive right in…

Community Updates

  • The zocteam executive held a planning and coordination meeting on Good Friday (April 19), during which we discussed a great many topics related to 01coin for nearly three hours. To find out what we talked about and get a sense of what we're going to be working on, you can check out the Meeting Minutes here.

  • We are delighted to welcome AEON COIN (german) to the zocteam executive! She has worked her way up through the 01coin Chain of Trust to the rank of subadmin, which is the highest rank attainable.

  • We have been promoting the Migration Sale alongside 01VPS.net for the past few weeks, but that promotion will be coming to an end next week. If you're in the market for new VPS servers, your window of opportunity for scooping up some cheap ones is closing soon!


Last call!

Wallet and Core Development

  • Work on merging the 01coin core code with that of the recently-released Dash 13 "Evolution" will get underway shortly. This is the all-important next step towards enabling 01coin's custom governance infrastructure.

  • Although there is not yet a timeline on when the Dash 13 merge will be completed, OwenRay has stated he will be able to commit four hours per week to work on it, so there should be good and steady progress.

  • Community debates will be held in the coming weeks on our Discord server to discuss the newly available BIPs and DIPs to determine which features we would like added to 01coin.

  • Work towards the merged code will produce a new wallet release. Outside of the new codebase, some additional wallet improvements will be included in that release: seednodes will be updated to ensure quick and reliable syncing, social media links will be integrated directly into the wallet, and the unit of measurement for 0.00000001 ZOC will be renamed "zuffs."

  • It is probable that this release will also include the new mini-wallet for masternodes that requires less system resources than a normal wallet. Note that this wallet will be stripped of all transactional functionality, so it will only be useful as a masternode.

  • Other planned features will appear in a subsequent release, such as enabling IPv6 functionality for masternodes and adding an optional light theme to the QT wallet GUI.

  • Work on governance itself will begin once the code merge and resulting release has been completed.

  • 01coin will also look to develop a web wallet, which we can then leverage to power a tipping system and a vanity address generator into our Discord bot.

Ancillary Services Development

  • All but one of the last few open issues in our GitHub for the new 01coin website have been resolved and closed. The website is now undergoing one final once-over by Chain of Trust members. Barring anything significant, look for it to be launched in the coming days.


Sneak peek of the new 01coin.io website landing page

  • Following launch of the website, work will begin to add a Knowledge Base module to it. This will eventually include all documentation related to 01coin that has been produced thus far, going all the way back to the original Takeover and Change Proposal, including all of these Project Updates.

  • An additional feature that will be added to the website post-launch is a Mining Pool Recommendation Portal. This portal will consider factors such as pool fees, likelihood of finding blocks based on pool hash and ping times to each user's specific location to recommend one of the confirmed 01coin mining pools tailored to each individual's unique case.

01VPS.net Updates

  • The 01VPS.net Migration Sale will be closing in the next few days. This will probably be our last, best sale until Black Friday in November, so if you need a VPS, now's the time to grab it!

  • The Lunarium (XLN) recipe has been updated to the new mandatory v1.2.0 release. To update your XLN node, simply click on the recipe again. Note you must update before block 400000 or be booted from the network. Also, after updating your local wallet, you will have to restart your masternode(s).

  • The SparksPay (SPK) recipe has been updated to the new mandatory v0.12.4.2 release. As with XLN above, you will need to do Start-Alias from your local wallet after updating.


The mini-wallet is actually a wallet-less node, so I would rather call it a mini-node!

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