Know all about Zerobank and its business model

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Zerobank is said to be one of the most innovative platform that helps you in making the exchange and money transfer. This allows you with instant and noncommercial peer to peer transactions that are done all over the world. They are formally launching the initial coin offering to the people. It considered the cross-border funds transfer at $600 billion. Zerobank mostly employees that currently flourished technologies that is blockchain and smart contact with the help of the proven sharing economy it has removed all the traditional barriers and exchange system.

With the help of this platform, money can be easily sent and received and one can easily exchange as well. This can be done anytime, directly and easily through the network of community agents. All the end user who is student’s immigrants and tourist will bear the minimal cost. This platform completely removes all the interferences of the centralized intermediaries that are banks and MTOs.

It offers people with low service cost and due to true decentralization, there is increasing convenience. Large network service agents are said to be the two important factors that are making zerobank one of the feasible ICO projects in the money exchange market. It has made extensive preparations to study the feasibility of the brand new model. The system development includes infrastructure, local blockchain miner that has started in Q2/2018. Zerobank ICO is said to be completed with beta version.

The team of zerobank is fully experienced and is specialists in IT. Senior executives in the top money transfer, banking and financial services they provide you with the best and safe services.

The business model of zerobank

Zerobank mostly follows a peer to peer business models. The main aim is to create the platform to provide individual services that help them in connecting and interacting with demands. Thus, zerobank is said to be the local office in each market where we operate.

The first zerobank local office will be opened in the cities that are more dynamic where there is a proper network of our team. From there we have all local office in all the major cities, remittances and tourism countries all around the world. Some of the facilities that are offered by the zerobank:

This helps you in facilitating the zerobank operations and also allowing the legal compliances in the local market.
It helps in running the marketing campaigns and all the legal compliances in the local markets.

  • They also hers the user and the agents to sign up on zerobank platform
  • They also perform that KYC procedure on all the agents and the users.
  • It also provides support to the user on any other matter in the market.

Zerobank market is present in all local market that opens independently. This is one of the best ways to get your money transfer. You can easily transfer all the money directly, instantly and quickly as well. So if you are the one who is dealing in cryptocurrency then you can make the use of zerobank for making transactions and transfer at low service cost.!

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