ZEROBANK announces the most feasible ICO project in remittance and money exchange industry

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ZeroBank, the innovative money transfer and exchange platform that allows instant non-commercial peer-to-peer transactions globally, formally launches the Initial Coin Offering (ICO.)
Considering the potential of cross-border remittance market at $600 billion, ZeroBank employs the currently flourishing technologies — blockchain and smart contract — along with the proven sharing economy model to remove the barriers in the traditional remittance and exchange systems. Via this platform, money can be sent, received, and exchanged quickly, directly, at anytime, anywhere in the world through a network of community agents. End-users, who can be immigrants, international students or tourists, will bear minimal costs since ZeroBank platform completely removes the interference of the centralized intermediaries like banks, or MTOs.
Low costs, due to true decentralization, and increased convenience, thanks to the large network of service agents, are the two key differences that make ZeroBank the most feasible ICO project in the remittance and money exchange industry.
ZeroBank has made extensive preparation to study the feasibility of the brand-new model and finalized with the angel investors and partners from Q4/2017 to Q1/2018. System developments including infrastructure, local blockchain miner and network setup have started in Q2/2018. And ZeroBank’s ICO will be completed with beta version released from August to end of 2018.
ZeroBank has complied a team of experienced IT specialists, senior executives in the top money transfer/exchange, banking and financial service organizations. CEO Kai Yee Goh is a senior executive in Transfast, United Financial Group, Paypal, Harte-Hanks and Western Union. Along with him, CTO Bao Ly is an expert IT architect in banking and financial services with extensive experience working as a consultant and architect for BNP Paribas Fortis, AXA, and HSBC.

Other team members who are also prominent individuals in the fields, ZeroBank team can disrupt the current money transfer and exchange service markets worldwide.

ICO Information

Total security token issued: 1,600,000,000 ZB

Total security token sale: 640,000,000 ZB

Target sale amount: $48M

Pre-ICO bonus: 15%

The project is currently on Whitelist sales, please visit our website or follow our social channels for more information:

Email: [email protected]
Contact Information: Kachi Investment LLC

Singapore: Centennial Towel, Levels 21 & 34, 3 Temasek Avenue, Singapore 039190, Singapore

USA: 1476 River St #8 Hyde Park, Massachusetts 02136, USA


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