How to host A ZENZO masternode on Linux

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. Linux VPS ~ Ubuntu 16.04 ~ Minimum 1GB Ram
. Putty / Preferred SSH Client
. 15,000 ZNZ
. ZENZO (ZNZ) Wallet on your main computer synced and running

Step 1 - Preparation :

1.) Navigate to the official ZENZO website downloads page, found here: and download the correct wallet for your PC.
2.) Run the wallet and allow for the synchronization process to complete.
3.) You now need to send yourself exactly 15,000 ZNZ to one of your addresses.
4.) Upon completion, click the TOOLS menu button and select DEBUG CONSOLE.

5.) Inside the Debug Console, run the command: masternode genkey (Save it to a text doc, as we will need it later. This is the masternode privkey)
6.) Now also inside the Debug Console, run the command: masternode outputs (Save this as well to the text doc.)

Step 2 - Wallet Setup:

1.) Inside your wallet, click TOOLS ~ OPEN MASTERNODE CONFIGURATION. (If it says you must choose a program to open it, then select your preferred text editor (notepad, sublime, atom, etc.) and add the following with your edits as below:
{Name of Masternode} {VPS IP Address}:26210 {The result of Masternode GENKEY you saved in the text doc.} {Result of the Masternode Output} {The Single Digit Number after Masternode Ouputs}

Example of a Proper Input:
MYMN1 892WPpkqbr7sr6Si4fdsfssjjapuFzAXwETCrpPJubnrmU6aKzh be15689068056dc66865e081f4e12c7b8fc9a15be35177f889a7894f376999b9 0

2.) Save the file and proceed to restart your ZENZO (ZNZ) Wallet.

Step 3 - VPS Setup:

1.) Login to your VPS, via Putty or your preferred SSH program.

Proceed to run these commands, one by one (Do not copy and paste all at once, it will not work):
apt-get update
apt-get install nano - Skip if you have your preferred text editor in linux
apt-get install zip
wget Keep in mind this version may be outdated when you install your masternode so you can get the updated gnu64 version from here
chmod +x zenzod
sudo mkdir .zenzo
cd .zenzo
sudo nano zenzo.conf

Now in your text editor, add the following and then edit in the correct information:

externalip=your VPS IP

2.) Press CTRL + O to save and then CTRL + X to close the editor

3.) We can now proceed to go back to the install directory of the ZENZO (ZNZ) Wallet, where you downloaded it to. To go back to the previous directory, run this command:
cd -

4.) Well done! We are almost done. You can now start your ZENZO (ZNZ) Wallet on the VPS by running this command:
You should see this message once you start the wallet:

If you do, then great! Your VPS setup is complete!

Step 4 - Starting your ZENZO (ZNZ) Masternode:

1.) You can now close your VPS SSH program and now use your ZENZO (ZNZ) Wallet on the main PC.
2.) Navigate to the MASTERNODES tab.

3.) You should now see your masternode. Select it and then Select START ALIAS

Congratulations, your masternode has now started and you should see your first reward in a few hours!

You don't need to leave the main pc on to earn rewards.

Additional ZENZO Resources:

Offical Website:

ZENZO Me: ZxjgBgxhZaFdXpRK2CZ4nXjqnZJf2AR3pE


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