Entry for This Week's Zen Colouring Contest #27

in zencolouringcontest •  3 months ago

My Entry For the Zen Colouring Contest #27

I decided to put a checkerboard in the background for this one, and after playing around with it for a little while, it seemed that the design wanted to be in neon lights - so I went with it.  Kinda fun! Seems like something out of a retro 50's diner, now.  

Thanks for hosting these Zen Colouring Contests, @Magiccleatus

I'd like to choose silver for next week's color.

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You're right, you feel the vibe of the 50's

Hello here giving my support with my vote and my comment, excellent work. Greetings.


I love that you flipped the design on its side. I really like the colour palette you used, the shading inside and outside of the stencil creates a super realistic neon tube and glow effect. It certainly looks like something off of the wall at a 50's diner. The checkerboard in the background is a nice touch, especially with its twist in the center!

Thanks for entering and supporting in the #zencolouringcontest!


Thanks for naming Silver! as your suggestion for next weeks featured colour!