Your art is always so amazing friend, you are a master of putting collages together with photos, and artwork, I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. I bet your an incredible interior decorator, I can tell by the way you put your designs together. Blessings friend, good luck!

It's been awhile since I've had a home where I could decorate... But my daughter's room in England very quickly became Barbie pink with rainbows on it.
I do some painting, etc, but most of my art these days is digital.
I started making friends with GIMP only this past year as I wanted to do good cover art for my books.
Anyway, I'm glad you like my picture. It was fun to put together.

That's so cool, I love how you tied it in with the viking theme, it fits your username perfectly. I like how you researched to find a similar mythos and found one for vikings. The monochrome of green shades make a beautiful pattern within the design and the spaces between work really well with the shield behind. I really love the creativity of using viking themed images to set the scene in the background and turn the stencil into an ornate Norse shield!

Thanks for your participation and support to the #zencolouringcontest!


Please name your suggestion for next week's featured colour!

I'm honestly not even sure what I was looking for in my google search - simple inspiration, I guess. And I found it. :-)

I do have a lot of Viking ancestry. When people ask me which part of Scandinavia, the answer is "yes" - all parts (except Iceland) so far. Yet, Iceland is the one that I've actually visited!

Anyway, I'm glad you like my work. It was fun - and as I said, I've sort of set a standard for myself now.

Honourable Mention, Well done!!

Great Entry! Thank you for participating! Please comment a link on the 'Winners Showcase' of the post you would like to receive the upvote prize for!

Thank you so much! I'd love to leave it up to you which post you upvote if that's okay. I have no real preference - I like to see what you like. :-)

Love it!! Vikings!!

With my user name, nothing else is so appropriate! But this one "just happened" in many ways.
Thank you for stopping by!

This post has been voted for the project @templo, photography.

@viking-ventures we would appreciate a greeting in our next curation report that will contain a link to your post


Thank you so much!
I'm not sure what you want me to do as a greeting - or is that what you're doing?
Just to be clear, the photos in this compilation were freely sourced, not taken by myself. However, I did put together all the elements to create this image.

Lovely compilation, we understood it was not your photos!! Great!

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