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RE: Zen Colouring Contest #34 - Steemit

in #zencolouring5 years ago

I love the colour palette that you used, the pinks, whites and blacks work really well to contrast the purple featured colour. I really like that the gradients of colours draw the eye into the empty/transparent sections which in turn highlight the very fitting render of your photo from Wales. I completely agree with the OCD thing, I am similar and it took all my will power to be okay with it not being symmetrical!

Thanks for your continuing entries and support to the #zencolouringcontest!


Please name your suggestion for next week's featured colour!


Thank you! I realized as I was talking to others that the soft petals also lends a very good contrast to the harsh triangles, softening the whole image.

Color? Turquoise. (Because I don't just do the colors of the rainbow.) Saying that I will have to find some more patterns...

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