ZenCash biweekly update. 10/11/2017

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Short summary:

Secure nodes beta starts this week.

Arizen wallet is out.
Mobile wallet on android.
New awesome logo!
Website is in the works.
ZEN t-shirts & other stuff.
Updated vision/roadmap.

Understanding the use-case:

ZEN is the best private payment method for individuals.
ZEN protects and guarantees anonymity. Individuals should not be scared or ashamed to do things. ZEN gives this power to an average customer with a smartphone.

Secure nodes:

Short story: rent a VPS and setup a testnode today! Or tomorrow! If there are no unforeseeable setbacks secure nodes should be up and running on mainnet in two weeks.
Alpha testing is almost completed. Beta will be available next few days.
During Alpha we had 174 volunteer nodes being set up.

New awesome HUGE roadmap:

Treasury/governance/DAO - Q2 2017.
Scaling solution - Q4 2017. So far a lot of thinking towards SPECTRE, a revolutionary blockchain protocol.
Network stack study - 12-18 months. How to modify p2p protocol to ensure even better anonymity, unlink the addresses and IP's, think of how to propagate transactions in anonymous manner

New logo!

Team growing!

Many new developers. Interviewing different Russian teams. Growing marketing connections as well. A ton of exposure in Asia. Partnership with SocialX.

That's it!

ZEN is really awesome project I rigorously follow. I'll try to keep everyone posted with biweekly updates. Watch the video yourself, Rolf, our host is really great! There are a ton of smaller details I didn't tell.


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It's time for celebration @ajesetave !

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in truth I really like the existing logo - not sure about the new one - honest feedback

Turns out a lot of people have exact same feeling.
The search for an alternative is being discussed on slacks, come and join us! But the old one has to go.

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Zencash is awesome, and I love these live streamed updates!