How to find Peace in Chaos?

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How to find Peace in Chaos?

As our civilization grows more and more, the increasing need for technology is rising exponentially. Technology helps us to communicate with each other almost instantly and helps us to solve difficult problems with ease. What seemed impossible only 50 years ago, can be done within minutes! With all the good things that technology is doing for us, it seems hard to imagine the negative effects that it might have. Let us explore together! 🔍

🔊 The Online Chaos

Living in the information age, we expect to know everything instantly. Whether it is the knowing the weather or what our friend in Australia just bought, we expect information to be available immediately when we open our phone. With so much happening in our social media feed, it is hard to keep track of the most recent event and creates a sense of constant urgency and addiction. We therefore keep scrolling through our phone for hours everyday, just waiting to acquire some new information.

We are so dependent on social media that we are getting bored of the outside (natural) world. We find it more interesting to look at a meme, rather than reading a book, as it provides instant but short term entertainment. As there is a constant urgency to look at our phone, it creates anxiety which upsets the natural harmony inside us and creates a sense of chaos!

Anxiety can further be initiated in a lot of youngsters through the form of online bullying. They are in fear and agony to even go in their profile. But couldn't all of these be avoided if they didn't have social media in the first place? That is another discussion for another time. But the reason I wanted to talk about the topic of social media is because, this is the single greatest destruction that has happened on our planet. It has destroyed our peace and harmony! It has made us robots and slaves to our addiction!

🌼 Finding Peace and Maintaining it

The simplest solution is to quit all of social media, pack our bags and live in a cave for the rest of our lives as a hermit. Wouldn't that be interesting haha? For obvious reasons we can't do that. Our loved ones depend on us and we can't just leave and turn our backs on them! However it is possible to find peace little by little. These little droplets will add up to become a ocean some day 🌊.

Here are my tips:

🙋 Realise your Addiction
You need to come to the realisation that you have an addiction to Social Media. Before you can move on to the ways to get rid of your addiction, you have to realise your fault.

📵 Limit Social Media usage
Similar to the way an addict is treated, we have to reduce and limit our social media usage. No one is telling you to stop completely, just limit it. Every time you get the itch to go on your phone, STOP! You can go in your phone after a minute or two. You just need to create the gap between the moment you want something and the moment you get it.

😤 Take a Deep Breath
Every time you feel the need to go on your phone, take a deep breath. It will create a gap between the stimulus and the action, giving you enough time to come into realisation of your actions.

🏋 Find A Hobby
You need something to fill the gap and therefore starting a new hobby is a great way to pass time. I personally like reading books or writing articles here haha, but to each to their own.

👭 Find Someone to Hold Accountable
It is hard to do something of this magnitude on your own. It is therefore better if you have someone who can frequently check up on you.

🕉 Meditate in that Moment
Every time you feel a sense of chaos, meditate in that moment. Be conscious of your breathing! Be vigilant of how you feel, where you feel it, and any hidden feelings that comes with it. Don't analyse, just be conscious and breathe deeply.

🌄 Visualize a Peaceful Place
Create a mental image of a place where you feel safe and at harmony. Go there whenever you feel overwhelmed. This will be important for you in the long run!


Chaos will always be there. No matter where we go and where we are, it will find us one way or another. But in the midst of this chaos, we need to find peace for our mental well being and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Love and peace,

Ricky 🌸

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I never thought of social media as an addiction but it totally can be


@nomandinsoco Yeah Social Media has a very harmful effect on our mental health. It should not be stopped but used in at a controlled amount. Thank you for reading my post :)