ZelTrez: Version 1.0.9 Released + 62 Currencies Now Supported

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Hi Steemit and Busy!

ZelTrez version 1.0.9 is here! You will be prompted to update the next time you open up the wallet. You can expect to find the following awesomeness from this release:


  • Following ERC20 Tokens added: ArcBlock (ARC), AirSwap (AST), CoinFi (COFI), Dent (DENT), Po.Et (POE), Raiden (RDN), Request (REQ), Storm (STORM), TrueUSD (TUSD), Sirin (SRN), Polymath (POLY), ETHLend (LEND), Power Ledger (POWR.)

  • Improved information on the ZClassic fork, ANON and how users can claim their ANON.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Tether (USDT) transaction generation

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 03.46.40.png

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Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Complete ZelTrez Beginner's Guide

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Thank you for sharing new stuff!


Hope you are very well!! Post more photos!

I am missing your posts!!

Hi! How are you?!
Come back soon!

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