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                                                  Zebpay Notification!!!!

Primary reasons for Zebpay most reliable cryptocurrency exchange is due to its security features. Zebpay utmost concern is always on the security of your digital asset. And now, your safest exchange has become even safer.

Merchants are always concerned about the safety of their digital assets. Being a specialty of its kind, our technical team has made this unique feature especially accessible to our 3 million users in our Zebpay App. As was announced earlier, we introduced Address whitelisting Feature.

Why should I cry out to send an address ???

  • If you do high-value transactions on a daily basis, we recommend that you have your mailing address whitelisted. Listing your address will not give you the advantage of upgrading your borders, but these high volume transactions will be even more secure. Please note that the non-whitelisted address has been set to a lower limit, so go to take advantage of the benefits.

Whitelist Address Why????

  • Make high volume transactions on daily basis
  • Whitelisted addresses are even safer
  • Whitelist up to 10 addresses for each supported cryptocurrency


And today, 24 July 2018, we issue new transaction limits to send cryptocurrency. This means that there is a high limit for lower boundaries for whitelisted addresses and non-whitelisted addresses. If you have already whitelisted your crypto address, then get the benefits of secure and high volume transactions. Here's a snapshot of new transmission lines for bitcoin, ether, light cone, ripple and bitcoin cash. Do not forget to see new limitations for all supported crypto

                      " Zebpay" Cryptocurrencies Deposit and Withdrawal Fees :       


*Dynamic – Fees dynamically vary depending on the network traffic. Please refer to the app (Zebpay) for the exact charge.

                  " Zebpay" Crypto to Crypto Trade Limits :


                " Zebpay"  Cryptocurrencies Deposit and Withdrawal Limits :



 If you have not received your address whitelist, ignore it. Start the process now! Here's a step-by-step process to know how to whitelist your dispatch address.

This is one of our many attempts to start important security features and app enhancements. We implement industry-leading technology practices to secure your assets. Your belief and creative reactions inspire us to try for better.

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