Zebpay scares Indian crypto holders

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Zebpay Announcement: Your Rupee Withdrawals Could Stop, Recently(21-June-2018) Zebpay sent an email to all of its users, about the RBI's move saying VERY IMPORTANT announcement Where they specifically told everyone that,
zebpay update.png
Since our bank accounts are functional at the time writing this announcement, you are welcome to place a withdrawal request for your rupee balance. If you do that, we will endeavour to return your rupee balance to your bank account as soon as possible, so long as our banks support such withdrawal.

Pretty humble way to inform thing, isn't it ? :innocent:

Just because of that news every currency on Zebpay wallet crashed rapidly. Even the average price difference was quite big, almost 1 lakh 20 thousand for the Bitcoin, it almost touched 3,50000 mark today morning(22-June).

Not sure what'll gonna happen with crypto-currencies in India, what RBI wants ?... But still its single news definitely gonna steer prices of all the cryptos available on Zebpay.

Price chart BTC to INR.png

Reference : Reserve Bank of India circular: DBR.No.BP.BC.104 /08.13.102/2017-18 dated April 6, 2018

Thats all I wanted to highlight,
Thank you ...