Live life the way you want

Do you ever feel like you are living on another person's terms and not your own?

Do you ever ponder what it might feel want to assume responsibility of your life and purposefully graph the course that you need?

It likely sounds somewhat unnerving. Well the uplifting news is you aren't the only one. We experience childhood in a general public where keeping ourselves to the conventional desires of progress is less demanding and something we don't need to put profound idea into.

Essentially, your life is your own, live it the way you need cause it's never going to return. Every day we passed a day is lost from our life. We couldn't stand to lose those days unlived. It is never past the point where it is possible to start to scan for your fantasy, it just gets harder every single day. So it is the best time to begin the voyage towards the fantasy of your life.

Keeping in mind the end goal to experience the fantasy effectively, men need to go through a few obstacles. Some are hard others are harder. The first among them is Lack of Confidence. From the youth we are taboo to understand the fantasy of our life. We are shown that fantasies are not to be satisfied, they are to set aside as they seem to be. Living, all by itself, is a struggle and there is no place for dreams.

And afterward comes the vulnerability of our brain in our capacity to satisfy the fantasy. What's more, our desires get covered in the profound. Be that as it may, if the inclination for the fantasy is certified and solid this is the time when we cannot endure any more. We need to state nothing more will be tolerated, this is the thing that I need or this is the thing that I need to accomplish.


When somebody with solid assurance defeats the absence of certainty, comes the Fear of Losing. We dread to lose what we have today. It may not worth the dread, but rather yet we do. We dread to lose our notoriety, dread to lose them whom we cherish. Also, that dread immerse our fantasy which still evades us however we cannot set out and left it where it was. That dread of losing left us losing the main thing we have needed to such an extent.

In any case, a profound idea would uncover that dread of losing itself has shallow ground. On the off chance that we cannot satisfy what we need then what the dread is about? In the event that we cannot live with fulfillment at that point what's the purpose of living when there are openings. We need to plant those plants which we need in our garden, nobody will deal with that.

The latter is the Fear of Failure. There come a few times when we do as well as can be expected however need to kiss the hand of disappointment. Furthermore, that dread alone is sufficient to keep any ordinary man from going to satisfy his fantasy. In the wake of conquering the past obstacles the dread of disappointment beats the expectation of progress.

Also, that dread alone left numerous from understanding that unique thing for which they had endured a great deal. Being fizzled isn't something worth being thankful for yet in any event we can state we had sought after our fantasy. We didn't left it untried.


Regardless of how intense the way of dream is, when there is a will there is a way. We have to make ourselves deserving of our fantasy, we have to make ourselves competent to achieve a definitive objective. In the event that we genuinely trust in ourselves and our fantasy, we can figure out how to reach there. It is our life. We ought to choose how we will live. Everybody's life has its own mystery, and no one but he can uncover that mystery and make it the way he needs.

Give me a chance to hear your conclusions. It would be ideal if you remark in the remark segment.

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I agree, I always think that we need to be the one who decide what our life would become. And purse our dream our goal. Never let anyone else decide your life .

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