Zdash Rebranding TO HUSH

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Zdash is rebranding to HUSH

Please bear with us as we update all our links / website / GUI wallets and github etc... to reflect this change

What you should know:

This name change will not influence sending/receiving/mining/trading your coins in anyway.

You can still use the same wallet, there is no need to update anything.

Our new windows GUI wallet will reflect this change on release. Your wallet.dat file will load just fine with that.

We will ask IVAN Vaklinov to reflect this Change on the Linux GUI wallet as well.

We will remove any ZDASH references in the code on github, but that is not a priority ATM.

Congratulations @beanz for winning the naming contest 100 STEEM coming your way this week.

My personal favorite was EquiCash submitted by @stoner19 but I had no say in the choosing.

@good-karma came so close with HASH but he was off by one letter.

We wanted to wait for a LOGO as well but we had already delayed our Windows GUI wallet to reflect this change and we do not want to delay that any longer. We will run another LOGO contest before the next major update.

Thank you all for helping us pick a new name for ZDASH

Website: https://zdash.io/ - https://myhush.org

Exchange: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=HUSH_BTC

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zdash/

BCT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1688024.0

Pool: https://hush.suprnova.cc/

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Congrats on brand new name! 👍
HUSH, how you guys will pronounce it?! 😊

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

yes you are right, too many ways you can say HUSH. it's like Rush but starts with H :D

here In amsterdam you can smoke Hush


Really love your new name!

pronounce it quietly only :)

Awesome name!

Thanks. The work just started. We have a gazillion link to update. Which reminds me, you are the one running our reddit ;) There I found something for you to do :D

Haha! I'm swamped lately with Steem projects! :D

I invited the other dude to it a long time ago but will promise to look over it now and then! :)

just announce the rebrand, you know I do not like to use reddit :D

Thanks awesome :3 <-- that's not a kiss, it's just two happy nuts

Good name. I like it!

I really like it.

-anon seller: "Hey man can you hush me for those goodies I sent you in the mail?"

-annon buyer: "Yeah man, just got in today. Now hush up."

sayability established

I was previously very critical of the BitcoinZ name but this takes away the serious problems with using Bitcoin. This is awesome. I won't be buying any or mining but I wish your team the best of luck!

the new windows wallet works ok.
What is the difference between private balance vs total balance?

ок 8-)

Lol... Z like Zodiac the serial killer? They even added the symbol he was signing his letters with!

Cool! Way better name. :) Congrats @beanz!

I am glad you explained some of this to me a week or so agao. I will follow this project with interest and try to support you as you have supported me and many others.

Best of Luck to you @joseph !!!

What do you think of hushs future potential in general ?