Edward Snowden Is Endorsing Zcash...

in zcash •  last year

I dont own Zcash, Im a Monero supporter but it is always interesting to hear what Snowden has to say about this issue. He says that Bitcoin is great but "if it is not private, its not safe" and I agree with that.

The same applies to Monero and Dash (if you want to) and I also believe that Cloakcoin and Pivx are totally anonymous.

Here is the link to his tweet:


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Full uv


thx man

Gotta love Snowden. Good movie at least.... I need to look more into this crypto and other safe ones like Monero. I know nothing about them.


Agreed, the movie was very interesting. Do that, I would definitely recommend having at least 10% of your long term portfolio in anonymous cryptos.


If you haven't watched Citizen Four you should give that a watch aswell. Its the original interview with Snowden in the hotel room which the film was based on

Good post. Am more of a lite coin person, but I'll have to give zcash a try.


I own Litecoin too but for different reasons. Monero or Zcash are great insurance policies if governments fuck this up...


Okay, thanks for that info, I'll have to give zcash a try. Tanx

he is absolutely right ! If its not private its not safe !


yup, he if anybody should know;)


Absolutely :)

I'm getting interested in cryptocurrency

How does Pivx compare to zCash in privacy?