ZBEOS | Code of conduct statement

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● Value
As a BP, We respect every member of the community and work hard to unite to build the EOS community ecology and prosper the EOS value circulation system. Anyone can advise us and we are subject to community oversight at any time.
● Abide by the constitution
The EOS constitution is an effective guideline for our handling of affairs. we pledge to abide by the constitutional rules. We perform the functions of network governance and community governance within the limits of our authority, and we are bound by constitutional laws and regulations that guarantee our protection of the Internet and its people.
● Compliance with the arbitration agreement
We abide by and execute the arbitration agreement of the arbitration commission. We will try our best to support the arbitration process and make effective efforts to popularize and implement the arbitration results.
● Degree of participation
We will keep in touch with other production candidates in other blocks to learn from each other to make sure we can do better. We will actively participate in the governance and development of EOS community, deal with every proposal and issue seriously, and maximize the value of our contribution based on our own expertise. We will also continue to learn, develop more community services and achieve tasks that are more advanced than our capabilities.