One of the key problems that ZAZA is trying to solve is TRUST problem in B2B world.

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One of the key problems that ZAZA is trying to solve is TRUST problem in B2B world.
“If people like they’ll listen to you, if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”

Our platform is designed for SMEs around the globe to find trusted partners, create strong relationships between B2B users, find loyal customers and much more opportunities.

ZAZA - build your DREAM, not just a Business

🔶 Documents:

📑 Whitepaper — ZAZA whitepaper
📊 One-Pager — ZAZA One-Pager
⚙️ Technical paper — ZAZA Technical paper

🔶 Additional links:

🌐 Website —
🌐 Platform —
✈️ Telegram —
✈️ Telegram ANN —
🕊 Twitter —
📓 Facebook —
🗣 Bitcointalk —
🐱 Github —
♻️ Steemit —
🐣 Reddit —
📸 Instagram —
📺 YouTube — ZAZA YouTube channel
🔗 LinkedIn —
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🔶 Promotional video:

ZAZA Introduction Video


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