Well, the answer to bloat is, that's not zappls issue. Other apps have to decide how they will handle short form content apps. Dmania, steepshot, zappl and dlive and dtube are all short form content sites. So you will need to ask steemit, busy, chainbb or any long-form content steem site to put in a filter method if you would like one.

Wouldn't it make even more sense for you to ask for that? You know. . . since I already have. . .

I'm careful too what I resteem because it obfuscates my own content. Am I just using Steemit wrong lol? I feel like a users feed is where you go for a snapshot of who they are. I just would want an even balance displayed of Zappl, steepshot, Steemit, dtube, ect, instead of everything in chronological order in a feed.

On Steemit I wish I had a landing page where I could control what content people see I have created at a first glance, as if I could curate my own already created content. Until I can do that, wouldn't Zappl just fill my blog feed up? Maybe a separate Steemit account would be needed for Zappl?

Also why have a character limit? lol

Honestly this is the new age and 240-280 characters is plenty fine. Most the web is short form content. Zappls just provides it in 240 charecters with videos, images, gifs and soon more.

Your argument makes literally no sense, we perpetually live in the new age so to use that as an argument is nonsense.

I would like to point out that I can edit my original post to circumvent the character limit anyways.

The new age means, most the world don't read long content anymore, if you're lucky you can get people to read a few hundred words of a post at most before they start skimming.

Also you can edit the post if you like, it will disappear off the zappl site to insure quality and to prevent abuse.

Are you going to copy everything Twitter does? I'm fairly certain nobody likes a character limit. If someone is making long posts and you don't like it, don't follow them.

Removing longer posts from the Zappl is just spiteful, sidechain your project if you want censorship to be a cornerstone of Zappl. I just can't believe an anti-intellectual stance of 'people don't read long' is the driving force to censorship on Zappl.

Um there is no censorship going on, Our focus is short form content that isnt censorship. tell dlive, dmania, dtube to allow 1000 word posts on their sites as well if that's the case because they all content filter.

The whole point of smt's and multiple application is interaction with the blockchain in many ways. Long form content isnt the only way.

As for editing posts its not censoring if we don't want you editing posts on other sites. This is to prevent abuse and xss attacks.

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