Zappl Inc Share Sale Is Now Live!

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Buying shares in Zappl Inc:

We'll be selling 10% to 20% shares in the company to get the proper funds for account creations and more. Zappl Inc will be showing its business plan privately if you're interested you will be required to sign a "Business Plan Non Disclosure Agreement".

Due to legal restrictions we cant offer shares in the company at this time to anyone that is not a U.S. Citizen. As for the requirements for U.S. citizens they will be shared at the bottom of the business plan.

Also this offer will be restricted to only 100 people.

You must be a U.S. Citizen
You will be required to read and sign an NDA then email it back
You must provide us with a gmail account.

Its recommended that you join our discord channel to find out more.
We'll then add you to a special group and a special room for people interested.

Zappl Share has started Monday, July 24th 2017
It will go on until the shares are all sold or end the day zappl starts.

For bitshares dex coin holders please read the last post:

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US citizen... Must be the first crypto investment as of late that explicitly only allows that!

Yep well this isnt an ico its an s corp which we can deal with investors outside the usa just there is some crazy hoops to deal with to get it done and some can lead to s corp being lost if certain guidelines aren't being followed.

Nice chance for US citizen I'm not US citizen but best luck for your launch

Those shares are going to sell in no time !

We can only hope so!

Getting ready for this.

Well its now live

wish you loads of success


resteeming for more people to join in the sale :D


All the best for your launch, it looks very interesting.

How much is the damage to be a part of the project?

Currently $12,000 min unless someone guys larger amount of stake the min might be lowered.

Why is USA citizenship required? Shareholder doesn't have to be US to be shareholder?

Well for an s corp it kinda does, in some cases foreign capital can be gained but the hoops you must jump through for it is a hassle that could lead to losing s corp status.

I wish you success my friend!


Thank you.

That's great for us citizens

When can non-usa citizens buy the shares? You can make it available on Bitshares platform, I want to invest into your application.

When we go into c corp likely. These shares are not coins people who invest will get certificates that prove ownership of their stake in the company.

only for U.S. Citizen

Yep for legal reasons its only a U.S. round this time.

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